The Edgewater Fermentation Society (formerly Yeasty Bottoms) was born organically after a number of friends in Edgewater, Colorado realized they were all into homebrewing at various levels. One of us suggested we bring beers to a party, then another said “wait, how about we brew batches specifically for a party?” After many years of such homebrew-centered gatherings, eventually the loose-knit club was formalized and registered with the AHA in 2016.

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of every-other month at Edgewater Collective office in Edgewater from 7:00 till whenever. More info can be found on our Events page. Our format is loose…bring a bottle or two to share of your latest, an oldie but goodie, experiment, whatever. We occasionally have guest speakers, surprise beers or other beer-centric on-goings.

But it doesn’t stop there. Among us are makers of other fermented beverages, including: beer, cider, kombucha, mead, wine, jun tea and various fermented foods. Have a passion or interested in getting one? Join us!

We give you, The Edgewater Fermentation Society…

(Logo created by Todd Niebur | Mountain Creative Design)